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Social Security Disability Denied?

I don't know why Social Security denies good and deserving people their disability. I only know what to do about it.  You have to appeal to get the case in front of a judge and out of the hands of the people who turned you down. That's where a lawyer comes in and that's what I do. That's what any competent Tuscaloosa Social Security disability attorney will do if you have a good case.  That's what I'll do if we talk this over (for free) and I see a chance we can win your case. Your chances can be improved with hard work by a competent attorney.

I'm one of those for the injured folks who need  help with Social Security, car and truck accidents, and medical devices or drugs that have hurt you. If that's you, lets talk.

If you have any kind of questions, just call me. I don't charge to answer questions. If troubles have started for you, no need to pay me for basic questions or any question if I can answer you. Just call to see what I can do now for you or what I need to do as a lawyer for  you.

    Some cases can be ones where someone is so injured in a car crash they have to try for the Social Security case  when it looks like they won't be able to work for a year. Oftentimes, the case is only one or the other. There are medical devices and drugs that treat folks here that can also be harmful no matter how good your doctors are. We won't go after the doctors. We go after the causes that were sent to them.

If there is anyway I can help, call or text me with questions and how to help you.  Please Call: 205-342-3622 or email me at [email protected]. Read on for more information if you want to read what we have here for you.


Those folks who called or wrote you from Disability Determination Services (DDS) are not Social Security. Disability Determination Services works under Social Security but DDS actually is part of the state of Alabama's Department of Education. They did the work-up and they made the recommendation to deny you. Social Security followed their recommendations.

That can be a problem. Year in and year out DDS turns down 70% of applicants a year, seven out of 10 people at least. It can get even worse. In 2010, some of the Alabama examiners complained the managers were putting pressure on them to approve more Social Security Disability cases because the managers were embarrassed by the high level of denials compared to other states. The Inspector General came in to investigate and the Inspector General  backed up the examiners so that could turn down more folks for Social Security Disability than were turned down in neighboring states  So, when you filed  you had less than a 50-50 chance of approval to begin with.


You can keep applying to DDS every time you get turned down and all that will happen is DDS will turn you down again. Your only chance is to appeal the denial so you can go before a judge. This is no guarantee of winning but if you don't appeal then you have given up. You have lost. Don't give up. Appeal if you are disabled

A Social Security Disability judge will take a fresh view of your disability case and will not be bound by whatever DDS did. He or she decides on their own based on the evidence before them which does include the information DDS developed. The judge will also consider whatever evidence the Social Security Disability attorney submits for you and whatever argument the attorney makes. The judge will also hear what the claimant has to say - it's safe, you'll have your attorney with you and your attorney will prepare you for the hearing.

While there is no guarantee a judge will award you Social Security disability insurance and checks, no judge awards Social Security disability to everyone that comes before them but no judge turns everybody down either. This means even the worst judge from your standpoint, i.e. one who will turn down a lot of Social Security disability cases in the Tuscaloosa federal courthouse will still award some that DDS has already turned down. That is a better chance than going back to the same folks that turned you down. In states that require you to ask DDS to reconsider their decision themselves, DDS says they were right 97% of the time to deny. No judge I know of has that low a denial rate. To win the case must be appealed. This is where the Social Security disability attorney comes in.

I will handle the appeal and get this before a judge. But that's just the start. There is a lot of work to do and it will be done on average over 14 - 16 months after the appeal is filed. (Yes, that is how backlogged the Tuscaloosa Social Security disability office is.) During that time there will be meetings and phone calls to develop the case, especially the medical records. Then preparation for the hearing itself.

This is the real work of the case. The judge is bound by the Social Security disability law and the evidence produced.  You and your lawyer do the work to prove you meet the requirements of that law. When you have all the problems you will have if you are disabled, it is hard to decide what evidence is needed to match which rule or to see which evidence you have found matches a rule you didn't know about. That's what a Social Security disability lawyer does: know the law, find the evidence and apply the law to the evidence. The lawyer offers sound arguments and positions to the Social Security disability judge who will also be looking at the law and the evidence.


When you're looking for a Social Security disability attorney in Tuscaloosa or anywhere else for that matter, your money is tight or already gone. The Social Security rule is you have to be unable to work for 12 months or be about to die. The cases generally take a year and a half to two years for start to finish. Who has money for a lawyer with these problems? No one, so the lawyer must step in before he is paid. (This means I must work hard and well or I don't get paid unless we win.)

I will meet with you at my office or by phone for free. If I agree to take the case and you decide to hire me, you don't pay me then and you want pay me ever if the case is denied by a judge. I will do the work and pay the money for medical records and the other evidence and work needed for the judge's decision or any appeal from there. If the evidence doesn't convince, then you will not owe me for my time or the money I spent. If you win, then the judge will set my fee at no more than 25% and you can pay me back what I spent out of pocket but only after you get paid. (Like I said, if I don't work hard and well, I don't get paid either.)

Call Tuscaloosa Disability attorney Dennis Harmon now.

There is a deadline to appeal after every denial so call now.

If this is fair, then call me 205-342-3622 or 800-748-9673. I can meet you at my Tuscaloosa office or on Saturday at my Carrollton office. I also have an office in Columbus for my Mississippi cases - use these numbers or 662-329-9365.  The email is [email protected] or use the contact box on this or any other page. Do not wait. When denied a clock starts ticking and you can lose your right to appeal and have to start all over if your time runs out. Call now.

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