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I don't know why Social Security turns down disabled folks... I only know what to do about it!


You've got to get your case out of the hands of the people that turned it down and into the hands of a fair minded judge who will take a new look at all the facts and law of your case. You've got to appeal.

Let me tell you what happened to you so you know how we will fight this denial. Year in and year out about 70% of folks who first apply for Social Security in Alabama and Mississippi get denied. So, when you applied, the odds were you would be turned down. The problem is that Social Security sent your file to a state agency called Disability Determination Services to do the work. These are the folks who turn down 70% who apply. We need to get the case away from these people.

When you appeal, you move your case to a special group of judges who will take a fresh look at your case. When you get the judges, you have a much better chance of winning.


"I can talk to you on the phone and we can do everything by text or email you don't have to come into the office"

I'm one of those for the injured folks who need  help with Social Security, car and truck accidents, and medical devices or drugs that have hurt you. If that's you, lets talk.

    If you have any kind of questions, just call me. I don't charge to answer questions. If troubles have started for you, no need to pay me for basic questions or any question if I can answer you. Just call to see what I can do now for you or what I need to do as a lawyer for  you.

    Some cases can be ones where someone is so injured in a car crash they have to try for the Social Security case  when it looks like they won't be able to work for a year. Oftentimes, the case is only one or the other. There are medical devices and drugs that treat folks here that can also be harmful no matter how good your doctors are. We won't go after the doctors. We go after the causes that were sent to them.

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